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Tyndel Solicitors respects the privacy and legal rights of our clients. This Privacy Notice clarifies how we collect, store and use the data we collect from you during our contractual relationship.


In compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Tyndel Solicitors is the data controller for any data controlled by the firm. Tyndel Solicitors registered office is 115 Bellmaine Avenue, Corringham, Stanford Le Hope, SS17 7SZ and registered in the Companies House under registration number 12684172. Tyndel Solicitors is regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority number 804468.


Personal Data


‘Personal Data’ is any person’s information held by us either directly or indirectly. We may obtain a person’s information directly when we are instructed or via our website, telephone, correspondence, etc. We strictly comply with GDPR and must not obtain a person’s data unless we provide our services to the person.


 Please note that Tyndel Solicitors may give their staff access to your data to enable them to perform their duties or contractual responsibilities. However, be assured that such use must comply with GDPR. Also, your data may be shared with third parties to protect you or our legal rights. We may share your data with law authorities if it is in the interest of justice. If a person or asset is located outside the UK and subject to a proceeding, we will be obliged to transfer your data to a country outside the European Union.


How we use your personal data


Subject to permissible regulation, your personal data can only be used in the following circumstances:


  • To perform an instructed contractual duty with your consent.


  • To protect our interests and any third party.


  • To comply with our regulatory obligations or legal authorities.


Unless there is a compelling reason for us to deviate from your original instruction, we can only use your data as instructed. Please note that we must inform you if we are compelled to use your data in a different way that is also compatible with your instructions. We must also inform you if we use your data for an unrelated purpose. However, there may be a situation when we may not inform you to process your data if permitted by law.


We have a secure system that prevents the loss of your data or to be accessed and used in an unauthorised way. Our system limits the use of your personal data only to employees or third parties who have the authority to use it. Those who have authorised access are subject to the duty of confidentiality. Though we have made all the necessary arrangements to prevent the loss of your personal data, if for any reason there is a suspected loss of data, we will notify you and also notify our regulator of the breach if we are legally required to do so.

We are required to keep your data for six years and destroy it after that period.


Your Rights concerning your Personal Data which we process:


Under the GDPR, you have the following rights about your personal data:


    The right to be informed

    The right of access

    The right to rectification

    The right to erasure

    The right to restrict processing

    The right to data portability

    The right to object


You have rights to exercise any of the above rights and should you wish to exercise it, please contact: [email protected] or by writing to FAO: Manager, Tyndel Solicitors, 115 Bellmaine Avenue, Corringham, Stanford Le Hope, SS17 7SZ.


You are not required to pay us for exercising subject access rights unless you make a subsequent further request(s).




If you have any complaints concerning how we processed your data, please contact us at the above address to investigate it with a possible resolution or contact ICO via their website: www.ico.org.uk/concerns.

Tyndel Solicitors Ltd is authorised and regulated by SRA No: 804468. Companies House Registration Number: 12684172.

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