UK immigration law is a complex and ever-evolving field that governs who can enter, stay, work, and settle in the UK. It encompasses a range of visa categories under the Points Based System, each tailored to different types of applicants, including students, workers, and family members. The law also provides avenues for appeals and judicial reviews for those who wish to challenge immigration decisions.

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Tyndel Solicitors offers a comprehensive range of services in UK immigration law, including:

  • Tier 1 – Points Based System: Assistance with applications for high-value migrants such as investors and entrepreneurs.
    Tier 2 – Sponsorship of a Non-EU Migrant Worker: Guidance on obtaining a sponsorship license and hiring skilled workers from outside the EU.
    Tier 4 – Adult and Child Student Applications: Support with visa applications for individuals coming to the UK to study.
    Tier 5 – Youth Mobility and Temporary Workers: Help with visas for young people and temporary workers in various sectors.
    Points Based System (PBS) Administrative reviews: Handling administrative reviews for decisions made under the Points Based System.
    Sponsorship License Applications on behalf of Employers (Tier 2 Sponsors): Assistance for employers in obtaining a license to sponsor non-EU workers.
    Visitor visa applications: For both family and business visitors looking to come to the UK temporarily.
    Further leave to remain application in all categories: Including extension applications such as FLR(M), FLR(FP), and FLR(LR).
    Settlement application: Guidance on Indefinite Leave to Remain applications, including SET(O), SET(M), SET(LR), SET(BUS), and SET(P).
    Entry clearance applications: Including those for Sole Representatives and Domestic Workers.
    Applications under European Community Law: Covering a range of applications such as Family permits and permanent residence cards.
    Applications for naturalisation as British Citizen: Assistance with Form AN1 for individuals seeking to become British citizens.
    Applications for registration as British Citizen: Including applications using Form MN1 and Form T.
    Applications relating to right of abode: For those who are entitled to live permanently in the UK.
    Applications from overseas British Citizen: Assistance for British citizens living abroad.
    Discretionary applications outside the Immigration Rules: For exceptional cases that do not fit within the standard rules.
    Domestic Violence: Support for those applying under the Domestic Violence rules.
    EEA Association Agreement Applications and appeals: Handling applications and appeals for EEA nationals.
    Judicial Review Application: Representation for challenging immigration decisions through judicial review.
    Immigration appeals to the Immigration and Asylum Chambers and to Court of Appeal: Assistance with appeals at various levels of the judicial system.
    Appeals to SPIAC: Support with appeals to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission.
    Nationality Laws: Guidance on matters related to British nationality law.



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